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corinne is bored i cant spell so good luck reading this)

well im in school ( kill me) “jk” anyways something very funny happen i Zap jordan


with pink kitty lol and hahahaha hehehehe she look at it now she going to ask him out OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah so im in some class and rachel i think is in raeding……… i hate school»»»>

I WANT A ZOOOOOO»»»» im going to kennywood would on the week end tho so ya life is ok ……..I WANT A ZOOOOOOOOOO:}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}};]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

rachel can u edit this when u get on ????? thanks


My name is rachel.  Im in science class and bored.  Bridges are boring.  Im next to ben and sarah and mary and sadie…….. Im bored:( k bye

Science again- by Rachel

Why does science have to be so boring?????? I hate group projects.  Corinnes in math right now. Im so bored.  I learned how to jump a bike yesterday.  I miss my mommy!!!! (aka Corinne).  We found these anning rocks in the woods.  Oh crap Im getting caught. K bye!!!!!!!!!!! <3

(btw pink kitty wasnt at romp n roll:( )


We are in Science class bored af …….this is corinne who likes ZOO!!!!!!????? We are sitting with our friend Sam (aka bun) corinne again im bored omg we know pink kitty real name……. it is CHASE!!!!! hes still pink kitty though…… His confirmation name is after Rachel….. she hates it but I thinks its funny. He must love her so much lol….. his milkshake =’(

The very first adventure (;

Romp n Roll

Things we need

  1. Corinne and Rachel
  2. monster
  3. money
  4. "pink Kitty" aka find out more in story
  5. "pennies" aka hot guys
  6. "quarters" aka weirdos
  7. "midget" aka find out more in story
  8. "creepy big man" aka find out more in story

so on a Friday night we went to Romp n Roll and we were skating around which made us thirsty.  We went to get a drink and sat down on a bench.  A 7 year old boy comes up to us and asks if its possible for a 4 year old to have a cell phone.  Corinne says yes.  Then, the 7 year old brother who is like our age and DEFFINILY “special” comes over with a pink kitty (hence the name) and asks us if we like his pink kitty. Corinne calls him retarded and Rachel looks at him like he needs to see a therapist.  Before we have a chance to answer, he asks if we want his pink kitty and even before we have a chance to answer that, we look at each other then him and he yells “WELL YOU CAN’T HAVE THIS PINK KITTY” and Rachel stands up and screams back “WELL I DON’T WANT YOUR PINK KITTY”.  Then pink kitty leaves.  Corinne’s cousin who came with us texts her and says


Corinne cousin name is Mike

mike: hey my friend wants to meet u

Corinne: y

Mike: because were bored where are you

Corinne: on the bench by the hockey table


Corinne’s cousin who 15 come over with another 15 teen year old.  Corinne stands and so does Rachel . Corinne looks at the friend and and goes “wow you are really short compared to Mike”. Then Corinne skates around the corner and Rachel follows and we bust out laughing .Then we go skate some more.  Later, we got bored and tired of skating so we went back to the bench. Rachel sees pink kitty .

Rachel: hey you, come over here.

pink kitty: what

Rachel: How’s your pink kitty??

pink kitty; It’s effin awesome!

Rachel: That’s effin awesome!

pink kitty: Wanna pet it?

Rachel: (happy and dramatic) Yes!

Then he held it out so Rachel can pet it. as Rachel try to pet the pink kitty he pulls it away before she can . They do this like 10 times

pink kitty : she can pet it.

He than hold it out so Corinne can pet it

Corinne: I don’t take cats from retards.

Pink kitty skates away , Corinne and Rachel go play games and skates some more.

It’s now 10 and Mike comes over and asks what we think of his friend. Corinne laughs and Rachel says that she thinks he is a midget.  Mike says that Rachel and him can go ask. Corinne stays sitting and Rachel and Mike go up to the midget. Mike says that Rachel wants to know if he is a midget.  We then realize that he midget is taller than Rachel and Rachel gets mad and skates away back to Corinne.

  now it like 10:30 and Corinne’s dad coming to get them at 11:00, so we go sit in the middle of a bench by the skate rental and take off our skates. Corinne and Rachel are facing each other and are talking and we happen to look and see mike talking to a big creepy guy . so the big creepy guy come over and says

big creepy guy: hi Corinne

Corinne: i say u talking to mike so u must be his friend

big creepy guy: yeah he a jerk

Corinne was laughing and big creepy guy leaves. Corinne and Rachel were talking and Corinne sees Rachel’s eyes get big and big creepy guy puts his arm around Corinne and said hey baby. Corinne yells get the f*** off me. then Corinne walks out mad and Rachel follows and got in the car with Corinne’s dad to go home

WARNING!!!: If you have chronical seazures while reading this or your laugh box bursts we are not responsible:) Have a nice day!

WARNING 2!!!: If you cannot read this it’s your problem. We proofread at least one time. Corinne cannot spell.

THE END THE END THE END THE END… There shall be more adventures…retards in a 10 mile radius of Corinne and Rachel find each othere..now it The End The END :)


hawii lol

This is what our tumblr is about

This tumblr is going to tell you about the amazing adventures of Corinne and Rachel with our zoo, mall, and other crazy things in life… BAM (: (aka Corinne will one day own a zoo look forward to in the future Rachel will be the person who own the mall next to the zoo)


Corinne and Rachel

life in computer class

life in computer class